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 Shardae's GM and Forum Mod Application

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Shardae's GM and Forum Mod Application Empty
PostSubject: Shardae's GM and Forum Mod Application   Shardae's GM and Forum Mod Application EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 7:30 pm

Personal Info:
Name: Shardae, I prefer to be called Shardae or Shar even though it is my middle name.
My first name is Rachel.

In-Game Name:
My in-game name will hopefully be Shardae

Australia, Melbourne. Timezone would be GMT +10 I think.


I've been a GM and forum moderator for 2 servers in the past.
AceMS owned by Anna and Steph.
Maple Remixed owned by SirDanielot.
Both were quite small and short-lived servers however they each had an amazing and active community.

I don't have direct proof of being a forum moderator but I do have proof for being a GM as both these servers required GMs to also take the role of forum moderator.

Why you should be chosen?:
Firstly, I have experience as both a GM and forum moderator and I am proud to say that I believe I did my jobs quite well. I can speak..and type...fluent english and very rarely make errors. This means I will be able to easily communicate information to the community. Besides being able to speak english fluently, I can also speak chinese making me bilingual. Again this helps when communicating to those who are unable to speak english at an understandable level.

I have also recently graduated from high school which means I will be able to devote more time and effort to the community and forums.

Besides having experience with GMing and forum moderating, I also have experience with GFX. I would be happy to make banners, advertisements etc for the benefit of the server. I have attached some of my works in the spoiler below.
Finally, I do not hesitate when faced with those who are trying to make the server or forum unpleasant for others, ie. spammers, flamers etc. Those who do so will be dealt with and I would make sure they are not repeat offenders.

Contact Information:

How active will you be?:
As I mentioned earlier, I have just graduated from high school giving me a large amount of spare time. Hence I could almost be on the server and forums all day if required.

Why did you write this application?:
I wrote this application, obviously, to try out for a position as GM and forum moderator.
Even though I know the server isn't up yet, I am looking forward to watching its development and hope for its success.

Extra Info:
I would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding my application. Also, feel free to contact me via my email address which I have given earlier in my application. Also, if you wish to see how I would deal with those who intend to make the server unpleasant for others, I have posted up a suggestion for rules in the IdeaMS section. Those are what I thoroughly believe should be done to those who break the rules.

Thanks & Regards,
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Shardae's GM and Forum Mod Application
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