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 Inferno's GM Application

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PostSubject: Inferno's GM Application   Inferno's GM Application EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 4:44 pm

Brian (I prefer not to provide my full name for privacy reasons)



GMT-5 (EST Canada)

IGN (InGame Name) :
N/A (due to the fact, the server is not up yet. However, it will be Inferno.)

What are you past experiences in private servers?
In the past, I have hosted my own private servers for testing purposes. The first time I started with private servers was when public development first started. I used TitanMS rev 1, and it was insuccessful, cause back then, the Titan source was instable, and I was a kid back then. Later on, OdinMS came out, and I ran a server named EndlessTales MS. It was insuccessful due to hosting issues. Next, I joined UrbzMS. It was a v75 server, and it was successful. I was a level 4 GM on that server. Later on, I stopped joining public servers, and spent time learning, and I have learned a lot. I know a few programming languages, and I have knowledge in ASM. Afterwards, I started my own developments, I managed to update to v84 MapleStory, and had a partially working Evan job. Now, I am currently a head GM at DivideMS. Out of my past experiences I was never able to host on my own public server due to hosting issues, so now, I have decided to work for servers.

Why do you want to be a GM?
I want to be a GM to experience the fun in a private server again. I'd like to provide our players with an enjoyable experience by providing them with events. Furthermore, I will provide assistance to those who are new in the server or those who encounter trouble, and need help. Since this is a new server, there could be many new possibilities, and I feel that this server has potential to becoming very successful, so I'd like to assist the server in becoming the best it can be. I will ban hackers, and do my duties.

How can you contribute to our server?
I can contribute to the server by providing support to those who need it, and I will smite the naughty. I will ban the hackers, and jail those who are affecting the pleasant gaming experience of other players (e.g: scammers, flamers). Besides going ingame, I am able to moderate the forum, and keep the community clean. I will delete offtopic posts, move threads, and enforce rules. Last of all, I am also a graphics artist, although, I am not that great. I think I could provide some banners for you.
Here are some of my previous work (these are in no particular order, and I make sigs for people):

Inferno's GM Application Aerosig

Inferno's GM Application Parthsig

Inferno's GM Application Boredruffles

Inferno's GM Application Newbanner

Inferno's GM Application Newsig

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PostSubject: Re: Inferno's GM Application   Inferno's GM Application EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 4:51 pm

Yes, indeed, this is a good application, although you can add on, i think you have put your hardest efforts into this, btw for all the other people, this is my friend.
/CLOSE Thread.
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Inferno's GM Application
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