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 Kyo's Application

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PostSubject: Kyo's Application   Kyo's Application EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 8:32 am

Kyo (fyi, this is not my real name, it's a name I use online)



GMT +8

IGN (InGame Name) :
- (The server's is not up yet)

What are you past experiences in private servers?
I started playing private servers 2 years back, on a v.55 server called TimelessMS, until it closed down. I move on to different types of private servers, whether it's custom or gms liked. E.g, NoobMS, CelinoSEA. After that, I get to know about RZ, where I started applying to help out in different servers, none of them really manage to survive due to fierce competitions as well as hosting issues. I have GM'd in quite a number of servers. E.g, AresMS, JehovahMS, ModernMS. JehovahMS is the only server that was alive for quite some time and have a decent amount of players.

Why do you want to be a GM?
I have not apply for a server in a long time, this is my first application in a few months. I miss the feeling of hosting events, helping players, guiding them through the game and providing the best gaming experience they would had. Assisting players and seeing them enjoy the game can give you a sense of satisfaction, and I'm trying to find that this feeling that I lost when I was still a GM.

How can you contribute to our server?
I will be able to be online for at least 3 to 4 hours a day, therefore helping players during the time I'm available. I'm also an Event Manager in JehovahMS, who is in charged of all the events that happens in the server. Hence, I'll probably be able to host events that players never experienced and help them as much as I could. Banning hackers, spammers is also part of a GM's job, I'm able to do them too.

Contact? *MSN*
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Kyo's Application
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