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 A little update coming this weekend

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A little update coming this weekend Empty
PostSubject: A little update coming this weekend   A little update coming this weekend EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 6:05 pm

I'm going to add the following things:
Donator Training Grounds - With Pro spawn.
A low chance of getting NX from monsters.
New NX switcher, you can convert NX to get some Chairs.
New Mount Shop - You can now convert some Chicken Feet + Cloths to get some Mounts.
New Chair Gambler, now you can gamble Event Trophies for some chairs - Event Trophies are gained in big events hosted by me.
Claw machine doesn't take tetris pieces and etc anymore, it takes nothing because it's removed.
Added in Gachapon - 500 Idea Points to gamble for some stuff.
GM Map Upgraded - It's not a wz edit, it merely has a hell load of NPC's within it. Like, i made a NPC that gives 32767 in every stat and etc. But it also has a Level 3 GM Check on it, so meaning no players can use it while in the GM map. - The NPC's aren't coded.
Added in GM MSI NPC. - 32767 in every stat :3.
Added in Boss Spawner - You can ask a GM every 5 hours for a donator to spawn 1 boss. - No Horntail.
Added in Intern MSI NPC - 32767 in STr,DEX,INT and Luk.
Added in Stat Item NPC - You can get 1 STR,DEX,INT and Luk Rudolph change hat for some Idea points.
Added in a Chicken feet in Guild NPC - It's Chicken Feet to make the guild, instead of 5m mesos. - Too Cheap for it.
Fixed up the NPC bug, it dced you right away.
Added in Barlog PQ - Credits to FateJiki of Ragezone.
Added in Faster Player Loading - Credits to FateJiki of Ragezone.
Added in "Cloth" Points, 100 cloths for 1 cloth points, now you can switch cloth points for Chicken feet.

It's about to come on the weekend. If my brother goes out. lol, or i pay 5$ to go on. Sad
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A little update coming this weekend
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