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 Revision 1

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PostSubject: Revision 1   Revision 1 EmptySun Dec 19, 2010 8:49 pm

Added in Method OpenShop
Added in Method ReloadChar
Added in Method getC()
Added in Method getP()
Added in All those Points stuff, and methods.
Added in Commands
Added in !pnpc, and !pmob
Added in 4 NPC's Through XML.
Added in giveLife Method to make !pnpc and etc to work.
Added in setCustom method to make !pnpc work.
Added in Fixed Cody. - Aran Job.
Removed GM check from kin.
Made KIN a Command.
Changed rates to normal ones, 37x/12x/2x. MoopleDEV had it at 20x and etc.
Added in Buddy List normal starting slots 169.
Changed how many tetris pieces and cloths you can have in a slot, through XML.
Changed Scania to "Idea World".
Added in Maple Items NPC.
Added in Timeless NPC.
Added in Vote Points NPC. Or Idea Points NPC.
Added in @shops NPC.
Added in Tetris Points NPC.

Big updates are coming up. Sooo . Smile
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Revision 1
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