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 PANDA's Intern/GM application.

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PANDA's Intern/GM application. Empty
PostSubject: PANDA's Intern/GM application.   PANDA's Intern/GM application. EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 4:10 pm

Name: Sarah Lee
Age:13 [11/21/1997]
Country:United States

Objectives of an intern(pratically, what you want to do as a intern_: If I became an intern, my objective would be to help new people who don't know a lot about the server- such as explaining them the commands, where to get equips,pots, etc. I would not just guide new players who doesn't know much about the server, I would keep the community clean, giving them warnings if they insult/provoke people, taking care of scammers/who got scammed, and lastly making this community fun and caring.

Why do you want to become an intern? : I want to become an intern because I enjoy helping new players and fix problems some people might have. I am able to handle new players who don't know anything about the server and answer many questions without getting frustrated and lazy.

What can you really do to help the server?: As I said above, I can welcome and help new players by answering any questions they have about this server, and give warnings/explaining the rules to people who have broke the rules in this server. I can handle fights if I see people fighting, and doesn't become biased to a friend. Also, I know most of the hacks and how they look like/prove they are hacking,( such as dEM, fast attack, miss godmode, fast MP/HP regen, illegal wz.edits, etc) and can tell the difference if they are hacking or not very easily- therefore I can ban and keep hackers out of this server.
I am also very active on the forums, so I would be able to help people on the forums like where/how you get/do things on this server,technical difficulties such as client not starting, auto d/c, not being able to download the setup, etc. Also, another thing I can do is be in charge of refund appeal/ban appeal. I can tell if a proof they got by losing an item/getting scammed is fake/a lie, and read their ban appeal to see if they can get another chance to player this server again, and tell if they are lying if they wrongfully got banned.

Have you had any experience as a GM?(If so, post SS's.): I was never an intern/GM in other servers before, but if you ever played FMS, I respond to people who smega'd problems/questions they had on this server, and answered/help them to solve their problem.

Other information or side comments: I want to thank Rachel for introducing me to this server, because I ONLY met great people on the forums and no haters. I would love to help GM's/interns develop/make this community better so IdeaMS can be more popular and be more helping/supportive to other players. (:
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PANDA's Intern/GM application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: PANDA's Intern/GM application.   PANDA's Intern/GM application. EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 6:43 pm

Good application, but you can add on, like how you would help the GM's, the team, because an Intern is pratically a GM's assistant, a gm teaches you how to become a gm, and when the time is ready, you will become a GM.
But good application.

Please note: You are my assistant, not any other gm's, if they need help, you can help, but please note that you're my assistant since you are the first intern.

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PANDA's Intern/GM application.
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