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 Upcoming Updates + a Total Change.

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Upcoming Updates + a Total Change. Empty
PostSubject: Upcoming Updates + a Total Change.   Upcoming Updates + a Total Change. EmptySun Dec 19, 2010 6:39 pm

Total change, no longer the High rate ended server. Low Rates: With the rates of 37x/12x/2x. It is going to have many features, yes. No longer a GMS-Like one. It's full of features never seen before in a server!
Cloth Drop System - Instead of a Cloth System, for 2.1bil, it drops now! You can trade them in for items, Maple items, and etc.
Star System - Throwing Stars, are no longer only from drops! You can now, get them from an npc! You can currently trade in mesos, and the Cloth Drop System, some Snail Shells, some other etc items as well to get it! (Please note: All Stars go up, and the prices will stay the same. Also Note, that the stars aren't as easy as you think they are. The unable to get stars are not in this npc.)
Maple Item System - Maple Items, are no longer bought from a shop. You can now get them here! They sell level 35 maple items are 500 cloths! Level 43 is 1000 cloths! Level 64 is 2000 cloths!
New Timeless Seller - Timeless Weapons, and armors are no longer from voting points, or anything like that. They are now for 100 tetris pieces only!
Tetris Piece System - It's not a drop system, or anything like that, the Tetris Piece system can be gained by voting! You can trade in 7,500 Tetris Points, for 1 Tetris Piece! (You get 250 tetris points per vote. Also, there is Idea Points for extra Tetris Points.)
Idea Points - Idea Points, are gained by Voting. Alright, that's right. You gain 50 Idea Points per vote, then you can trade it in for NX, or Tetris Points only(Yes, that's right, we don't spoonfeed voting prizes.)
Donator System - Donator System, the Donator Points. Well, we don't spoonfeed the prizes. You can only get Timeless and some Chairs. Also you can trade in 10 donator points for a free rebirth.
Merchanting - Yes, that is right, we have merchanting, we are not fully done it, and there is some glitches... So it is currently off at the moment. I blocked every single inch of the Merchant stuff in Cash Shop.
New Good Ideas vs Dumb Ideas! - Yes, this is correct. You can join your side at level 50. Once you get level 50, you get maps with monsters. Dumb Ideas is slightly a little better than Good Ideas, because Dumb Ideas puts Barlogs in their maps. Yes, but only 1. Smile Good Ideas get's all monsters, plus a little new boss in their end map. We don't spoonfeed, so i lowered the EXP of the boss, so it isn't spoonfeeded.
New Hunting System - You no longer hunt items just for items, you can hunt items for mesos! Smile Yes that's right. The little items like Snail Shells can get you 25,000 off 500 snail shells.
New Job advancing system. To Job advance you need 20 cloths!
New Claw Machine - You know every single low rate server has this claw machine? Well, i have it, yet i still have an edited version of it. It's really good. You can get all those items yes. But you can also get... Maple Items! I have added Maple items within it, to use it, you need to collect 250 snail shells, 50 Idea Points and 250 Cloths. It's not as easy as it seems! Cloths drop rate is at 20! Meaning x2 it is only 40% rate of drop!

That's about it, more features are listed.
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Upcoming Updates + a Total Change.
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