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 Update :) Removing crap.

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Update :) Removing crap. Empty
PostSubject: Update :) Removing crap.   Update :) Removing crap. EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 12:02 pm

Here's a a removing list, plus a update list.
Removed Idea Points.
Removed Donator Points.
Removed Monster Points.
Removed Level Points.
Removed tetris Points.
Donator's now have to request a gm to do their prizes, with me, approving that it was a true donation.
Voting now gives, 2,000 NX.
Monster Points are no longer for White Scrolls and Chaos Scrolls.
They are now for Cloths, and Tetris Pieces are for Cloths and other items also.
GM's now have !map, plus !warpallhere.
Also, i added !gmmap, so it's easier to warp there.
Added in @henesys,@fm. Easier to go to henesys and fm.
Fixed up Merchant Duping, well really it had that red error whenever i tried to compile.
Removed @rebirth and @rebirthinfo, No longer any more rebirths.
Fully added the Cloth drop.
Added in a Reverse Item Seller.

FAQ about this Update.
Why did i remove all the points?: Because Points are frequently used within servers, and i wish to be unique as possible, plus it always errored whenever i tried to enter a channel.
Why is the voting prize so low?: Because it is a low rate, and the NX is supposed to be hard as possible.
How come the prices are so high for Tetris Pieces?: Well i highered them, because it is supposed to be hard to obtain them Tetris Pieces, and Timeless items.
How do we obtain Reverse items?: To obtain the Reverse items, you need 100 Red Tetris Pieces. To obtain Red Tetris Pieces, you need to win events, you win 5-15 per event.

1st Beta Tester: Ranking, pratically. He's level 180, i've been putting up the server, and he's currently level 180, obtained balanced furies, rare items, because he was willing to do anything. He pratically donated before, in my old server, RawrMS, he donated only 3$, but it supported me. Then he also, gained all these rare items because he scrolled them, he's been playing over 3 months since i planned KyoMS, but then IdeaMS came, and he had about 500 rebirths, so i decided to repent and give him some items. His rare items are gained by scrolling, he got White and Chaos Scrolls by merely hunting, since my Hamachi wasn't on much, i gave him about 20 white scrolls. your asking why, did i give him so much? Because he was willing to test, and i gave him rare items to test, he didn't care if his character was going to be wiped, and when RawrMS was down, he msned me and told me he was going to support me until i gave up maplestory private servers.

2nd Beta Tester: GM's, pratically get almost everything this guy gets^^, except scrolled items.
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Update :) Removing crap. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update :) Removing crap.   Update :) Removing crap. EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 10:25 am

o-o 2nd beta Tester: lolwat? Mmmk then. Are quests enabled? If so, gonna power-level. > ;D

Update :) Removing crap. Newsig
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Update :) Removing crap.
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