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 VPS cancelling. :P

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VPS cancelling. :P Empty
PostSubject: VPS cancelling. :P   VPS cancelling. :P EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 8:21 pm

Our sponsor, wants to cancel this hell of a VPS, it has very little support atm, since it won't work, it takes forever.
So we are going to get a new VPS.
1GB of RAM.
30GB of Disk space.(Not much needed).
We have a domain once it is ordered.
Processor = 1.
Bandwith 300gb/m.
1 GBPs Connectivity. Meaning, our internet is faster, which makes the server faster.

We will order this as soon as our other is cancelled, hoping that it can be cancelled, if it is not, we will have to bare with me, and we will have to be patient and do all that crap...
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VPS cancelling. :P
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