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 Christmas patch 3/4

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Christmas patch 3/4 Empty
PostSubject: Christmas patch 3/4   Christmas patch 3/4 EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 5:49 pm

Update 1:
Added in the Star System
Added in the all those points within MapleCharacter
Added in all those NPC's that were needed up there ^^
Added in that Timeless NPc.
Added in Maple Item Seller
Fixed up KIN, i kinda messed around with it to work with Non GM Characters, but i fixed it anyways.
Added a price within KIN( you need 10million mesos to change anything, eyes and hair.)
Added in a extra price within KIN(Again? Razz Anyways you need 100 Blue Snail Shells with the 10 million mesos). - Remember we don't spoonfeed.
Added in Claw Machine - More Prizes, you need 10 monster points to gain this.
Added in the Cloth Drop Within MapleMap.
Added in the Monster Points Drop within MapleMap.
Fixed up a few NPC's.(Those npc's that weren't working, i kinda messed around with it.)

Update 2:
Did what this guy asked for.
Fixed up The timeless NPC(Did the arrays wrong.)
Made a bigger price within Star Seller
Fixed up the Idea Points NPC(the gainNX was not a valid method, so i put it to the one.)
Added in the Smart vs Dumb Ideas Occupations(Well, kinda did, i put the occupation rates and Java file for the occupations, but the NPC wasn't made)
Lol, added the NPC for Smart vs Dumb Ideas (You need level 75 to make ur rates higher)
Added in NPC based Rebirth Quest(The rebirth was too weird, only items? So i made 5 stages of quests).
Removed Rebirth Quest, seemed too weird for a Low Rate, so i made the Rebirth only for items.
Added a level 30 requirement to actually get the "Cloth".

Update 3:
Removed Smart vs Dumb Ideas(Making it when more players come)
Added in the NX Gachapon - You need 15 million mesos to gamble.
Added in the OpenShop Method for NPC's(For the Shop Manager(For Pots and etc)).
Added in @rebirth command - Makes it open the NPC for Rebirthing.
Added in @rebirthinfo for noobies.
Made the Rebirth Methods and etc, You no longer keep your stats, you merely lose them and gain 100 AP. - Edit: 25 AP. (Less overpowered.) Edit: You gain 25 STR,DEX,INT,LUK. Also, you gain 50,000 NX as a achievement of rebirthing.
Made a the 50,000 NX achievement inside the NPC.
Changed the NPC notice if the NPC is not working.
Changed World Name from Scania to "IdeaMS"

Update 4:
Fixed up a NPC.
Fixed up Duping in Merchant(LocalMS)
Level Points from Rebirthing.
SCAR and Zakum helmet and items to rebirth.

Update 5:
Removed Rebirths - Rice Suggested, until people QQ about being level 200 and no rebirths.

Update 6:
Changed NX Gachapon's price to 20m.
Removed exploit within a npc(Lol, my old coder, randomly put a exploit within the NPC, it gave you level 4 GM.)
Removed exploit within Command(Old coder again...(for GM's, it gave you level 5 GM)).
Made a Reverse Seller(Now for 100 Red Tetris Pieces!, Same thing as blue, pratically, except that Reverse now requires a extra 500,000 mesos.)
Added a bunch of commands we didn't have. !warpallhere, !map(although !warp has it i think.),!pnpc and !pmob.(added the spawns table).
Placed all NPC's within FM.
Removed all npc's i did through XML(Henesys, i decided FM is a fitter place, since Henesys is so spread out.)
Removed @rebirth(command)
Added in Fame Seller(Now need's NX!) - it's 20,000 NX for 20 fame.
Added in Real time NX Seller. No longer that gachapon....(You need 100,000,000 mesos to get 10k NX. lol, so the nx gachapon is kinda, a better option sometimes.)
Made the NX gachapon's range lower to 250.

Update 7:
Added in Claw Machine(you need 15 Tetris Pieces to play around with it).
Removed Donator NPC(My Prizes are no longer the same, since i listed new prizes.)
Added in real time Donator NPC's + Methods for NPC's.
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Christmas patch 3/4
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