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 Christmas Patch Revision 1

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Christmas Patch Revision 1 Empty
PostSubject: Christmas Patch Revision 1   Christmas Patch Revision 1 EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 6:31 pm

Added in the Star System
Added in the all those points within MapleCharacter
Added in all those NPC's that were needed up there ^^
Added in that Timeless NPc.
Added in Maple Item Seller
Fixed up KIN, i kinda messed around with it to work with Non GM Characters, but i fixed it anyways.
Added a price within KIN( you need 10million mesos to change anything, eyes and hair.)
Added in a extra price within KIN(Again? Razz Anyways you need 100 Blue Snail Shells with the 10 million mesos). - Remember we don't spoonfeed.
Added in Claw Machine - More Prizes, you need 10 monster points to gain this.
Added in the Cloth Drop Within MapleMap.
Added in the Monster Points Drop within MapleMap.
Fixed up a few NPC's.(Those npc's that weren't working, i kinda messed around with it.)

not done all the features yet.
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Christmas Patch Revision 1
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