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 Donator Status - Update 7.

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Donator Status - Update 7. Empty
PostSubject: Donator Status - Update 7.   Donator Status - Update 7. EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 5:41 pm

Added in Donator Status.
Super Donator Status -
All the commands +
%dsay - Says - With no Price!
%dhunt - Duck Egg Island in Donator Island, it only has 3 mobs in there. Razz
%dsuperisland - Super Island with pro boss spawners etc.

Also, added a extra feature:
Everytime you gain 1 RB, your HP goes down to 50 again. Smile - Yes, your like EWWW, but still it's too easy while your hp is like 30,000 all the time, also once you reach 250 rebirths, your HP goes to 10,000 at starting. Smile
Also, Lowered Bigfoots, Paps, all those other bosses EXP down. It was way too high, i killed like 10, and gained level 193 from 1. ?
Also, I lowered the Drop rate to 5x.
@fm - FM.
@henesys - Henesys.
Changed all NPC's to Henesys, Henesys is way better, also i cleared out henesys from it's npc's, using my npc's.
Also, changed the Max Stat Item System - You have to gain 500 Rebirths before using this one, and you get MSI Rings + Other things as well, for 2000 duck eggs + 32767 stats.
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Donator Status - Update 7.
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