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 Update 4 Of High Rate.

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Update 4 Of High Rate. Empty
PostSubject: Update 4 Of High Rate.   Update 4 Of High Rate. EmptySun Jan 30, 2011 7:57 am

Updates so far:
Reduced Channels - Don't need 6 channels.
Removed Other ETC Items besides Duck Eggs for MSI.
Removed Tag for Duck Eggs - @buyegg with a tag. Ugh.
Removed Tag Method for Duck Eggs.
Added in SummonMob Method for Boss Spawner.
Removed Boss Spawner - Didn't work, fixing it later.
Reduced Drop rate, accidently put in 60x DROP rate. LMFAO.
Added in @rebirthgm for GM Jobs.
Added in !setall for Interns - Removed from GM's(GM's can use it either way.)
Removed !maxstats - What's the point when u have !setall
Fixed !proitem - It gave less stats than usual.
Fixed Bow-tie NPC. - Missing 1 } then put a cm.dispose();

That's it for now.
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Update 4 Of High Rate.
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