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 Update 2. Of High Rate.

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Update 2. Of High Rate. Empty
PostSubject: Update 2. Of High Rate.   Update 2. Of High Rate. EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 2:42 pm

Added in Necessary Methods for Boss Spawners.
Added in the NPC itself, and plus a 1000 Duck Egg Price.
Added in !proitem for GM's.
Made Commands in different files.
Made Intern and Donator Commands.
Added in !warp for Interns.
Added in !map for Interns.
Added in !interncommands for their commands.
Added in a hella useful commands.
Added in !pmob and !pnpc.
Added in ChangeKeyBinding Method, for GM Roar quest.
Added in IdeaMS Tip #.
Made Rebirth Command shorter. - How? Oh, i merely changed the doReborn(); method.

Next Updates:
Voting + Donator System. - NPC's, etc.
Occupations for the poor old people. No it's Smart vs Dumb people.
Smart gives you a 1000x EXP rate.
Dumb gives you 500x Meso rate, + 8x Drop Rate. You must reach 100 rebirths to get the first level of both.
Smart -
Level 1: 1000x EXP Rate.
Level 2: Allows you a command. - @smartisland - Warps you to the island. It has a NPC that allows you to trade in Duck Eggs for Bow-Ties. Also 1100x EXP Rate.
Level 3: Instead of rebirthing into a beginner all the time. For Adventurers: @rebirthb,@rebirtht,@rebirthw,@rebirthp,@rebirthm.
Level 4: The Master - The Stage where you get 1200x EXP Rate, Plus a HALF Price Boss Spawner. (@smartisland2) + You Get a Belt Master. Belt Masters, mean you can get a STAT Belt. It only gives Weapon Attack. 1st Belt is 10 WA, 20, and so on, you get it.

Dumb -
Level 1: 500x Meso Rate + 8x Drop Rate.
Level 2: @dumbisland - Allows you to trade in Duck Eggs for Bow-ties.
Level 3: Free Rebirths with no 2.1b price.(@rebirthfree - Must me a Dumb Occupation.)
Level 4: a 1000x EXP Rate, Plus 700x Meso rate + 10x Drop Rate. Plus you can get Belts, like in Good Occupation + Boss Maps.
They are similar.

Frog Leg Drops - NoobMS Memory, i was an old player. Razz
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Update 2. Of High Rate.
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