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 omg kei is so funnah.

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omg kei is so funnah. Empty
PostSubject: omg kei is so funnah.   omg kei is so funnah. EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 11:16 pm

1. im not demoted.
2. i didnt quit.
3. I'm just not very active because you guys piss me off. You guys are blaming me for spamming, when you guys spammed with me. It's not even funny anymore.

where the fuck did you get those information?

please stop telling other people lies, your not cool.

and kei, delete some of your spam also.

tons in herro byebye.


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omg kei is so funnah. Empty
PostSubject: Re: omg kei is so funnah.   omg kei is so funnah. EmptySat Jan 22, 2011 10:21 am

I never said you quit, I said you "kinda quit", which basically means you went inactive.
Also you got demoted on the forums, duh.
Also, you're basically the main source of spam, you start most of it.
Example: After no one posted for so long in my hello thread, you suddenly make a random post about sigs, how is that not spam?
You also post a lot of other random things in other threads.
Also, I did delete some of my posts, if you're talking about the super old ones, do you expect me to dig that deep into threads?
I mean really?
I only deleted the recent really spammy ones.

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.//thread moved to Constructive Off-Topic forum
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omg kei is so funnah.
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