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 GM Application Format.

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PostSubject: GM Application Format.   Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:48 pm

So first of all, for those who applied, you can keep your format.

Second of all, here's the format:

Objectives of a GM(pratically, what you want to do as a GM_:
Why do you want to become a gm?:
What can you really do to help the server?:
Have you had any experience as a GM?(If so, post SS's.):
Other information or side comments:

Coder Formats:
Objectives of a coder(What do you really want to do as a coder?):
Why do you want to become a coder?:
Examples of Work(Must be a NPC or Netbeans stuff, non leeched, i know Ragezone,World Of Gosu,Zakum and etc):
Why would you code for us?:
Side Comments:

That's about it.
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GM Application Format.
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