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PostSubject: Competition!   Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:53 am

Hey ppls =D I think IdeaStory needs a unique banner and since I just got into yr 8 and have Homework (Sux I no), I do not have the time.

I will make a thread in the art work section and all banners or animations must be posted there!

1$ = 10,000 NX.

2$ = 1 Skillbook

5$ = 1 Item of choice(must be in your inventory slot) +5 STR,DEX,INT,LUK.

5$ = 1 Free Rebirth(meaning, level 200, and then you don't have to hunt anything!)

You can pick one of these rewards and ONLY 1!

Any1 can enter this comp, even Justin if he wishes to.

Instructions to Receive prize:
If you win, I will announce it.
You will then send a PM telling me what prize you want.
Make a thread in the donation thread.
Put your prize and the information, Example: I have won a competition and here's my submitted work [Insert Pic Here]

The donation thread is for copy, just in-case we forget about the prize.

Server Status:

A couple days from now!
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PostSubject: Re: Competition!   Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:24 pm

It is currently high rate if you don't read the posts much, it is 900x/400x/6x.
Currently i wanted to hold a banner contest, so the prizes would be:
1. Max Out 1 Stat From Your Character.
2. a 3 Day Trial of Donator Status.
3. Free Rebirths, without 2.1bil price. - I'm going to make a status like that.
4. A Name Change.
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